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New Website!!!

About a year and a half ago, I was at Massey University in Palmerston North and in a moment of not doing my work, I googled Feersum Ennjin. I discovered that Paul had released a music video as part of a trailor for the movie 'On the Doll' which you can find on Youtube, I think. It used to be on Myspace but I can't findit right now. There was also another song called 'Fishing Grounds' which didn't impress me as much.  Since then I have been on the constant look-out for more, and just recently discovered it! If you visit the Feersum Ennjin myspace you will find a direct link to http://www.pauldamour.com/paulsite/FEERSUM_ENNJIN.html.  Apparently some of these songs are left over from the Lusk sessions. God I'd love to be able to purchase these!!!


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