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The Feersum Ennjin LiveJournal Community

Kill the King: Paul D'Amour Fans
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This is a community for fans of the band Feersum Ennjin, or more generally Paul D'Amour's various projects - Lusk, Replicants, Tool, etc.

"At that point - like all the dead, whether they were high or low, and Priviliged or not - he would face the final proof of the crypt's ferociously impartial judgment. As the saying had it: the crypt was deep and the human soul was shallow. And the shallower the soul, the less of it survived as any sort of independent entity within the data corpus; somebody whose only opinions were received opinions and whose originality quotient was effectively zero would dissolve almost entirely within the oceanic depths of the crypt's precedent-saturated data streams and leave only a thin froth of memories and a brief description of the exact shape of their hollowness behind, the redundancy of their beings annihilated by the crypt's abhorrence of over-duplication."

- Excerpt from "Feersum Endjinn" by Iain M Banks